Sazon Mexican Cuisine
Contact: Jesus Barajas
Address: 2361 W. Rappel Ave. Bloomington, IN, 47404
Email Address:
Phone: 812-955-8517
About Us
Sazon is the name of our Mexican family project which means flavoring and seasoning. We have been offering traditional mexican tacos, breakfast items, sweets and drinks at the Bloomington community farmers market since April 2016, focusing on using the best quality and seasonal ingredients around Indiana to bring our authentic Mexican food to costumers at the market.
Our offerings include traditional dishes like Yucatan braised pork (slow cooked over night), pork al pastor, homemade chorizo (using pork from Indiana farms), vegan/vegetarian friendly options using seasonal vegetables, huevos rancheros, chilaquiles (a dish made with sauteed tortilla chips, eggs, meat or vegetables, sauce and cheese) and breakfast potato and pork hash.
We pair our tacos and breakfast with homemade salsa, hot habanero sauce and fresh traditional toppings. Also available homemade flan napolitano (cream cheese custard) and tres leches cake.
We proudly use local fresh ingredients and work closely with producers and fellow vendors to keep bring our authentic Mexican cuisine to the Bloomington farmes market.