Earth Song Farm
Contact: Rosie Sill
Address: 5768 E. Calvertville Road Bloomfield, IN, 47424
Email Address:
Phone: 812-935-5953
About Us
Earth Song Farm is a small family farm nestled in the rolling hills of Eastern Greene County. Our ever growing gardens include beautiful rows of fruits & vegetables, high tunnels, an orchard, berries, and herbs.

In the garden of Earth Song, we work to grow nourishing food for our family and our community. We strive for sustainability and simplicity and garden using only natural, earth friendly methods. We never use any herbicides, insecticides, or chemical fertilizers, and purchase GMO free seed.

At Earth Song we focus on the soil in order to grow healthy, nutrient dense fruits, vegetables, and herbs. In addition to soil health, we focus on crop rotation, companion planting, mulching, low till, and we feed the crops the highest quality foliar nutrition. High tunnels and low tunnels are used for season extension.

We grow a variety of fruits & vegetables, berries, herbs, and flowers. Customer favorites include our delectable spinach, heirloom tomatoes, juicy salad turnips, flavorful beets, crisp head lettuce, and our sweet cherry tomatoes. We also offer unique crafts during the holidays. We delight in this simple life and enjoy spending our days in the garden of Earth Song.
Earth Friendly Farming

* NO herbicides, insecticides, or chemical fertilizers
* GMO free seed
* Focus on soil health
* Crop rotation
* Companion planting
* Mulching
* Low till
* High quality foliar nutrition