Twilight Dairy
Contact: Hannah and Amos Esh
Address: 595 S 350 W Rockville, IN,
Email Address:
Phone: 765-569-5677
About Us
Twilight Dairy is an all natural, grass-based, 120-acre farm, and home to 60 dairy cows. The dairy herd consists of a colorful hodgepodge of breeds: Brown Swiss, Dutch Belted, and Normandy, plus a Deum Bill. We started a cow share program in 2002. Catering to consumer's requests, we discontinued all grain feeding (which produces a nutient-dense milk). Six years later, we stopped shipping that special milk to a commercial processor and used the excess milk to make cheese.

Raw milk cheese is, simply, cheese made with unpasteurized milk. Since the milk is unpasteurized, it still has all its heat-sensitive nutrients, enzymes, etc. intact. We currently make 10 different varieties, ranging from mild to sharp and spicy. We're excited about adding more products before the end of 2014, including a few items which (because of regulation) require the milk to be minimally pasteurized, but it will not be ultra-pasteurized or homogenized.

Our farm is family operated, and we make cheese twice a week during the grazing season. We ship cheese via FedEx, sell it in our on-farm-store, and every Saturday morning we make the 75-mile trek to the Bloomington Community Farmers' Market where we enjoy meeting and talking to you all.