Rising Moon Acres
Contact: Stephen and Anna Mae Stoll
Address: 6030 W. Koontz Road Bloomington, IN, 47403
Email Address:
Phone: 812-345-1062
About Us
Rising Moon Acres is a small food growing venture, with a diverse landscape of annuals, perennials, fruits and animals. We have been growing nutrient-dense vegetables since 2008; selling at restaurants, farmers market, as well as running a small CSA.

We are very excited to have been able to purchase a small farm of our own in southwest Monroe County in October of 2016 and are busily establishing a connection with nature and the plants we are growing!

2020 will be our 5th season at the market so we look forward to seeing many familiar faces plus meeting many new ones!
We grow with cover-crops, compost and liquid organic inputs and use minimal tillage and companion planting for optimal results in the field. We use no chemicals but are not Certified Organic due to stringent controls placed on the use of Micro-Nutrients and Trace Elements which are vital for a truly regenerative farm model. The highest immune boosting transfer effect from food to consumer is also attained when these Vitamins and Trace Elements are provided in adequate quantities.