Good Life Farms
Contact: Lee and Nate
Address: 12194 E. Wagner Road Solsberry, IN, 47459
Email Address:
Phone: 812-826-3080
About Us

Our unique hydroponic growing system allows us grow lettuce and greens all year round using no harmful chemicals and pesticides. We are located in Solsberry and utilize a wood boiler to produce heat throughout our complex during the winter months. We also offer many varieties of Oyster, Lions Mane and Shiitake Mushrooms. All mushrooms are grown on our farm inside four high tech climate controlled rooms. We promise to provide healthy high quality products to you for many years to come. Nate and Lee would like to thank all of our customers for your long term support.

Our products can be purchased in both Bloomington and Spencer at all BloomingFoods locations, Feast Cellar, Babbs and the Bloomington Winter Farmers Market.
All of our products are grown using ORMI Standards, which allows us to produce Organically grown products but not "Certified Organic". Good Life Farms is focused on responsible growing methods for sustainability into the future.