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A NOTE ABOUT OUR INVENTORY: Our fresh product inventory often increases during the week because harvesting occurs 12/7/365. Just because we may be sold out of a fresh inventory item on Tuesday night does not mean we will still be sold out Thursday afternoon. We try our best to be honest about our product inventory levels each day. We try to never over sell produce! If there is a product you want that is sold out, please check back, as it may very well become available later in the week. Also, please don’t delay an order, or you may lose out on any products that are currently available.

Repeat and bulk order customers:
If you are a repeat customer or if you would like a standing order placed, we can custom grow product(s) for you and guarantee delivery of that product (generally speaking). For standing orders, please email us at We will email you an invoice, and you can pay via that email on a link to our square account. If you are a repeat customer operating on our invoice system, you should NOT place your order here.

For any customers who need or desire minimal contact please make purchases directly from our online store at square: We are establishing a Tuesday & Saturday direct to your door delivery for any person who needs or desires minimal contact.

Thank you all so very much for all your wonderful support!

In the fall of 2019, we acquired a 3000 Sqft facility in Southwest Monroe County. We spent much of the winter modifying and building a new commercial kitchen, and are happy to announce we are back in full operation with growing and dehydrating mushrooms. We are building new state-of-the-art fruiting rooms that set the standard for commercial operations.

Our facility is environmentally advantageous for mushroom production and contains a lower level that requires little energy for continuous operations. The environment is partially underground and retains substantial thermal mass, which naturally cools the lower levels during the hot summer and retains ground heat during cold winters.

We generate virtually zero wastewater during mushroom fruit block production. Our company obtains all of our bulk material from Indiana sources, and all product are 100% Indiana made or processed in Monroe County.

Our new facility allows for substantial production capacity increases for 2020 and beyond. We are inspected of the Indiana Dept of Heath and hold a wholesale food handling certification, and subject to FDA inspection requirements. We are registered as a food production facility with the FDA as required by the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002.

Available year around in most cases:
• Blue oyster
• PoHu oyster (cream or buff in color)
• Italian or brown oyster
• King, Royal, or King Oyster
• Shiitake
• Lions Mane
• Reishi

Seasonally dependent mushrooms
• Porcini (dried)
• Turkey Tail (dried)
• Chaga (dried)
• Chanterelles
• Morels
• Chicken of the woods
• Hen of the woods
• Puff Balls
• Woodear (dried)
• Although we are not certified organic, we do NOT use any chemical or pesticides of any kind on or near any products. We follow organic practices.

• We do not artificially modify any cultures or food products and are a NO GMO business.

• Our facility design reduces energy consumption by capturing the natural heat of the earth during the year.

• Our mushroom fruit block production methods virtually eliminate all waste-water generation.